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        Technical Performance

        Closed Structure
        CASIL battery has unique structure and sealing technology, which effectively keep the battery from leaking, so that the battery can work under various circumstances and its capacity and service life are not influenced.
        Electrolyte Suspension System
        The electrolyte inside CASIL battery adopts electrolyte suspension system combined of porous glass fiber materials and pole plates, and the electrolyte is completely absorbed and accommodated. No any silica gel or contaminated products are used in the suspension system.

        The incorporate design of CASIL battery controls gas production and can guide 99% of the gas produced during float charging to re-combine.

        Maintenance Free
        CASIL battery can be added with electrolyte without checking the proportion of the electrolyte during its float charging life.

        Low-pressure Valve System
        All the CASIL batteries are equipped with safety exhaust valves, which automatically exhaust when the pressure reaches 0.98~196.1kpa, therefore, there is not too much gas stocked inside the battery.

        High-quality Grid
        The high-quality lead-calcium-tin alloy grid, whether used in float charging or recycling, or even through many times of over-discharge, keeps strong performance and long service life.

        Cycle Life
        By normal discharge, CASIL battery can be repeatedly charged and discharged over 300 times.

        Float Charging Life
        CASIL high-performance series of batteries can be used for 1-3 years for float charging.

        Self-discharging Life
        The monthly self-discharge rate of CASIL battery is about 3% at normal room temperature.
        Operating Temperature
        CASIL battery still works when the surrounding temperature varies largely.

        Recovery Role of Deep-discharge
        CASIL battery can only recover its capacity by deep discharge.