About Us

        Add: Building 1, Aerospace Technology (Huizhou) Industrial Park, Zhongkai Avenue, Huizhou, Guangdong, China

        Corporate Objective

        Business Management:
        From Unscientific Management to Scientific Objective Management, Modern Process Management and Design Management
        Corporate Values:
        Product Determines Future; Quality Determines Fate; Efficiency Determines Life; Quality Determines Success
        Corporate Spirit:
        Love the Company, Loyal to the Company, Pay Back the Society, Contribute to the Country
        Corporate Staff:
        Self Improvement, Positive Coordination, Team Spirit, Internal Competition
        Corporate Image:
        High Standard, Strict Requirements, Fast Pace, High Efficiency
        Corporate Progress:
        Initiative, Unceasing, Unremitting, Unswerving
        Corporate Extension:
        We do not only provide excellent products but also excellent service. Each employee is a "Goodwill Envoy."
        The root to keep constant improvement is on innovation and the high level’s foresight and courage. We will create a beautiful tomorrow for the company and make more contributions to the country and the society.